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  • Voice Over Internet Protocol

    VOIP technology (pronounced "voyp") basically means that the sound of your voice is transmitted over a digital network.  In a similar manner that any data or traffic travels over the internet. VOIP is often referred to as IP telephony (IPT) because it uses internet protocols to enhance communication options.


  • How do I solve problems with my VOIP phone?

    Posted by: Bruce Selzler

    The first step in troubleshooting any problem with your VOIP phone is to restart the phone.  In many ways, your VOIP phone is like a computer.  It must be connected to a network to communicate, as well as to draw power from the network switch.  


    To restart your phone turn it over and unplug the network cable inserted in the "Lan" port on the back of the phone.  Count to 10, then plug it back in. This will reset your phone and force it to load its settings.  If this doesn't resolve the issue you are having the next step would be to generate a work order to have someone from the IT staff come out to take a look.  You should see the work order link on the left menu bar of this page.


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  • Do I need a Jive Portal ID?

    Posted by: Bruce Selzler

    Technically you can use your VOIP phone just as you did your old analog phone.  However, if you want to take advantage of the different features that are available to you through your VOIP phone you will need a Jive Portal ID.  So, the answer for most users is YES!


    There are specific instructions, including video tutorials, for creating a portal account in the Jive Online User Guide.  Found here: Getting Started: Online Portal


    When you create a portal account remember to use your SSD username and email address.  Your phone is already configured to link to your email address for the purposes of saving voicemail.  You will need to use the same email address to link your account to your phone.


    In a nutshell, to create an account, you will go to the Jive online registration form at http://onjive.com/register


    And fill in the required information.  It's quick and easy and provides you with customization options as well as a "live" directory of every phone number in the district.


    Once you have created an OnJive account you will want to bookmark the following address:  http://sunnyvaleschooldistrct.onjive.com


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  • Where can I get documentation for my VOIP phone?

    Posted by: Bruce Selzler

    Phone documentation, and indeed information on many tech resources, are available via a shared Google docs folder called "Tech Resources for SSD Staff".  This folder is shared with all employee's and can be found in your Google drive folder by searching for the name of the folder.  Additionally, you can go directly to the documentation for your phone through the links below:


    Teacher / Staff Phones

    IP 331 Quick Start User Guide

    IP331 User Manual


    Admin Phones

    VVX 500 Quick Start User Guide

    VVX 500 User Manual


    You can also access Jive reference documentation, including access to support here:  Jive FAQ


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