• Please note: Homework will not begin until the first or second week of October. 

    Homework will include practicing sight words, counting to 20 using objects from home, reading with your child (or child can read to you!), practice letter names and letter sounds.  Homework will also include "being a child"- have your child play outside, play a board game with your child, etc.  Let your child be a child!  Enjoy the time together!


    Behavior: Students are expected to follow the school/classroom rules of "Be a Leader, Be Safe, Be Respectful, & Be Responsible".  Students are aware we have classroom/school rules to help us have a safe learning environment. Throughout the school year, we will be learning The Seven Habits.  Children are expected to behave in a safe, respectful and responsible manner--this is rewarded by positive reinforcement, increased responsibility, stickers, and positive notes/verbal compliments to parents. Behavior that is not acceptable will result in timeouts, taking away of privileges (free choice time), notes/discussions with parents, and, ultimately, principal intervention.


    Children can earn BLT's (Behavior Leadership Tokens) and we collect 75 tokens or tickets, we will have a celebration.  The celebration might include a PJ party, a cooking activity, extra recess or play time.  We will decide as a class when we reach those 75 tokens!


    Every other week, few students are chosen for the Leadership Rally held on Monday from 8 am - 8:10 am.  Your child will be recognized for showing good leadership by being a leader, showing safety, being respectful and responsible.  Please make it a BIG deal when your child is recognized for this recognition.  You will be given notice when your child is selected for this special award.