Project cornerstone

    Project Cornerstone is an organization that helps young people grow and thrive. We are working with Project Cornerstone on a survey.  The survey will be given in many schools in Santa Clara County.

    Our 4th or 5th grade students & Middle School students will participate in this survey.

    Survey Content:  The survey measures students’ attitudes, behaviors, and developmental assets. Developmental assets are positive values, relationships, and experiences that help young people succeed. If you would like to look at the survey, click the link below to review.

    What It Will Be Used For: Our schools and Project Cornerstone will use the survey results to plan strategies and programs that will benefit all of our students. Administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students will all be part of the planning process.

    Administration: The survey will take place early in Fall 2016. Your student’s teacher will administer the survey in the classroom. The survey takes about one hour to complete.