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  • How do I get a list of student Google Apps accounts?

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    Lists of usernames and passwords for students can only be printed by your front office.  Many schools print them en masse, some by request.  See your front office for the procedure at your site.

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  • Students & Google Apps

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    Google apps for students are essentially the same for students as they are for staff.  We are all in the same domain and are governed by the same permissions and restrictions.  

    Student accounts are created by the Student Information Services department.  Accounts are created in bulk at the beginning of the year and updated every Monday through the end of the school year.

    The main difference in behavior between a student account and a staff account is that staff accounts are firstname.lastname, separated by a period, and student accounts are firstname_lastname, separated by an underscore.

    Additionally, all mail in a student account is run through a language filter that identifies inappropriate language (profanity) and reports those messages to the Director of Educational Technology.  If a student is found to have broken the student's acceptable use policy, their account will be suspended until the school deems the problem resolved.

    Student passwords all contain 8 characters.  The first two characters are the initials of the first and last name.

    8th-grade accounts are purged from the system 1 month after the end of school.

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  • What is the procedure for obsoleting tech equipment?

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    1. Request evaluation of technology from IT.  
      1. To confirm that the item should be considered obsolete.
    2. Collect devices to be obsoleted in a central location.
      1. The space should be secure, yet provide easy access for moving equipment.
    3. IT will remove the device from the district inventory, as well as from the site.
    4. Local/Site inventory will need to be updated to reflect devices that were obsoleted.
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