Under Construction



    Kids are in the classrooms! Back in the spring the students and staff were moved out of the temporary portables and into their new classrooms and the feedback since then has been extremely positive! Teachers now have new audio/visual systems at their fingertips to bolster lesson plans or presentations. Each classroom is equipped with an air conditioning system, smart lighting that will dim and brighten depending on the amount of natural light coming into the room, and an abundance of storage space for books, materials, and teaching utensils. Along with the newest classroom technology, teachers and students are also utilizing cutting-edge desks and chairs. The new furniture allows for the teacher and their students to creatively arrange themselves for different classroom tasks and activities throughout the day.


    Along with the new buildings, Bishop now has beautifully landscaped grounds. The new trees, drought tolerant shrubs, and plants can be found campus-wide accented by new artificial turf that sprawls across the courtyard. All of this can be viewed as you make your way along the new concrete walkways that wrap through the campus.


    The modernization continues to move forward in the administration and auditorium buildings. Although these buildings have not been opened back up to the school, the excitement from the staff is palpable. The administration office is receiving a much-needed update to the walls, carpet, windows, and air conditioning. It will be topped off with a new roof that will be accented by the new stucco and paint. When complete, this will be a beautiful new entrance to the campus. The auditorium will have a new air conditioning system, updated bathrooms, new sound dampening acoustical panels, and a newly refinished stage with brand new stage curtains! Giving Bishop Elementary a beautiful performing arts center.


    In our previous update, we shared photos of the classrooms set on their foundations but not yet complete. Look how far we have come! These photos are some that capture everything that was mentioned in the previous paragraphs. 


    This project is one example of how community support is benefiting our students. Our local school bond, Measure G, allows us to improve technology and make all schools more energy efficient. In November 2013, voters in the Sunnyvale School District passed Measure G: a $96 million school bond measure to continue rebuilding Sunnyvale School District. Thank you for your support!