Be a leader. Be safe. Be respectful. Be responsible.


    •  Classroom Management and School Rules:


      We are friends and care about each other.

      We will play, share, learn, and be nice to each other.

      Our goal is to do our best!

      We are a family in Room 105!


      The students and staff at Bishop Elementary School created this Mission Statement to make our purpose and goal clear to ourselves and to others. We work hard to be a caring and supportive community of learners and leaders. In doing so, we create:

      • a safe place to make mistakes while we are learning and growing
      • a place in which we always show respect for each other
      • a safe place emotionally and physically
      • a place in which students, teachers, staff, administrators, and families always do their best work and try to be successful
      • a place in which we take responsibility for our actions
      • a place where everyone is welcome, nurtured, and supported


      Bishop School has 4 rules to help us succeed in these ideas and practices:


      Be a leader. Be safe. Be respectful. Be responsible.


      Our classroom management system supports the school and class Mission Statements. It is very simple, and probably a lot like what you might use at home. Children who remember to be a leader, be safe, be respectful, and be responsible are allowed to participate in very fun and exciting classroom activities like Choosing Time. When students forget and struggle with these rules, we use this opportunity to talk about what happened and what we can do to resolve the situation. Several verbal warnings are given and students are given a chance to change their behaviors and make better choices. Students who still cannot remember to follow our school and class rules may need to be separated for a short time from the activity. Any undesirable behavior that continues after measures have been taken in the class, will be brought to your attention immediately at dismissal. I believe it is better to take care of any issue like this right away than to leave it for a day or more. If you are not able to be here to pick up your child, I will send a note home, send an email, or make a phone call. Much of what is learned in Kindergarten is about working together and getting along with one another.