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  • With the many changes that have taken place, we are all learning to adapt and create a new normal for everyone. As a parent/guardian, we are all being called upon to hold down the home front while supporting our child’s education in new ways. We want to come alongside you! Like in your home, our teachers aim to provide an environment that fosters a student's best self. Our best self shows up when we have the capacity and grace to operate in self-awareness, self-management, empathy, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Now more than ever, we need these skills, also known as social-emotional learning (SEL) to navigate through this unpredictable time. While you may be doing this at home, we wanted to provide you with some key resources and helpful tips for you and your family. Please click on the tiles below to get more information. 


    We've now added Summer Learning Resources for you to use below! 

  • Self care and social emotional learning for families  


    Flexible Learning Support: A parent guide   



  • Supporting your child with special needs  


    Technology Trouble Shooting  


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