• The Speed of Trust

    The Speed of Trust is another key framework of the Leader in Me process.  Trust sets the stage for empowerment.  Trust is created by a deliberate focus on our credibility and the 13 Behaviors of High Trust, both of which have been proven to be predictive of trust in an organization.  Trust affects our ability to do everything else.

  • 4 Cores of Credibility

  • The 13 Behaviors of High Trust

    Talk Straight.  Be honest.  Tell the truth with integrity and kindness.

    Demonstrate Respect.  Respect the dignity of everyone.  Genuinely care of others.  Show kindness in the little things.

    Create Transparency.  Be real and genuine.  Admit your mistakes.  Celebrate your victories!

    Right Wrongs.  Model humility.  Apologize quickly.  Make things right when you slip up.  Nobody is perfect.

    Show Loyalty.  Give credit to others.  Always speak as if the person you are talking about can hear you.  Stick up for those who aren't present or able to stick up for themselves.

    Deliver Results.  Do what you say you are going to do.  Put First Thinks First and focus on what is important.

    Get Better.  Be a constant learner.  Model continuous improvement.  Get and act on feedback.

    Confront Reality.  Address the tough stuff with courage and compassion - modeling kindness and integrity.  Confront the reality, not the person.

    Clarify Expectations.  Be clear about your expectations.  Cocreate expectations with others.

    Practice Accountability.  Hold yourself accountable first, taking responsibility for results, good or bad.  Don't blame others or point fingers when things go wrong.

    Listen First.  Listen before you speak.  Listen with your ears, eyes, and heart.  Listen to learn.  Find out what the most important behaviors are to the people you are working with.

    Keep Commitments.  Say what you're going to do, and then do it.  Choose your commitments carefully, and keep them at all costs.

    Extend Trust.  Think of trust as an action.  Extend trust to empower others even when risk is involved.