• Technology in the Classroom
    The Sunnyvale School District and Bishop Elementary School are committed to providing our students access to cutting edge instructional technology tools.  The use of technology for the purpose of instruction provides our students with learning opportunities that extend well beyond the walls of the classroom.  For students, use of technology in the classroom is for educational purposes, such as accessing curriculum-related information, sharing resources, and promoting innovation in learning.  Learning how to use technology is a vital part of creating exemplary learners with the skills to succeed in the 21st century.
    Bishop students use iPads in the classroom to reinforce and enhance their learning.  Applications like Educreations are used to record a student's verbal explanation during instruction.  JiJi, Raz-Kids and other applications are used to reinforce math and reading skills.  Students use iMovie and Keynote to create unique projects to synthesize their learning during a unit of study.