Contact List



    Chris Montgomery
    Extension #: 1014 
    Program Responsibility: Provides Administrative Support to Assistant Superintendent; Professional Development, District Teacher Leadership Committees


    Kathy Goodman
    Extension #: 1037
    Program Responsibility: Assists with processing and monitoring categorical expenditures and provides KLAS program support


    Dina Ortega
    Extension #: 1050
    Program Responsibility: Assists with State and Federal assessments, and accurate identification and monitoring of English Learner progress.


    Diana Hernandez 
    Extension #: 1039 
    Program Responsibility: Assists with benchmark assessments and reporting, supports access to online curricular resources and provides KLAS program support.


    Pam Murdock 
    Extension #: 1048
    Program Responsibility: Facilitates the Health and Wellness Program, and provides instructional materials support


    Karen Adriano
    Extension #: 1067
    Program Responsibility: State assessment reports and materials support; provides translation services