• Bishop Buds
  • When walking through campus, families and visitors will see a variety of plants growing.  Our gardens consist of an array of succulents and flowers, including roses, sweat peas and hydrangeas.  In our vegetable gardens, kale, cabbage, carrots and many other vegetables are also growing.
    The Bishop gardens thrive due to our partnership with the Sunnyvale Garden Club.  The devoted members of the Garden Club visit our campus every Thursday to tend the gardens and educate our students on the basic concepts of gardening.  Each Bishop fourth grader participates in classroom lessons and hands-on experiences in the gardens.  Learning from the year culminates at the Annual Garden Show which takes places during our school's Open House. 
    Classroom Lessons and Gardening Concepts
          Soil preparation
          Seeding and Potting
          Weeding and Pruning
             Annual Garden Show Displays
                   Potted Plants
                   Fresh Clean Vegetables
                   Cut Flowers