• Enrichment Programs
    Through the generous financial support of the Cherry Chase PTA, we are able to provide a variety of enrichment programs to our students.  Below are descriptions of some of the enrichment opportunities provided at Cherry Chase. 
     FAME ©: Fine Arts Mini Experience
    FAME is a lively, content-rich, kid, parent, and teacher-friendly fine arts program for elementary students.  FAME provides a well-balanced program that supports they key domains of art:
      • Artistic Perception: Learning about artistic elements through the senses to develop a deeper awareness of light, color, sound, movement, and composition to heighten ordinary perception.

      • Creative Expression: Producing art by creating or performing the creations of others.

      • Historical and Cultural Context: Understanding the arts in the context of the time & place of their creation.

    • Aesthetic Valuing: Analyzing & developing criteria for making informed judgments to promote lifelong, fulfilling experience in the arts. 
    Walk through California (4th) / Walk through the American Revolution (5th)
    4th and 5th grade students engage in these engaging presentations that bring history to life.  History is told through the use of games, music,music, and storytelling.  Students "become" famous men and women of the era and re-enact pivotal moments in history that have shaped the country we live in today. 
    Cherry Chase Garden
    The Cherry Chase garden is a beautiful “outdoor classroom” where students discover the wonders of nature. In this tranquil setting, they can plant flowers and vegetables, dig for insects, water the plants, read with buddies and create art and poetry inspired by their surroundings.