Welcome to Mr. Cole's Class

  • Welcome to Mr. Cole's Class. I am happy to work with your child and look forward to making it the best year possible. I have been teaching at Bishop for 17 years and I love my job.


    Mr. Cole’s Mission Statement: I want my students to continually improve at reading, writing, science, math, and as leaders. I recognize that there are steps backwards, plateaus, giants leaps—along the way--the constant being never giving up. I know teaching can be messy and failure is a part of learning but, nevertheless, I persist. I value art, self-expression, and each persons’ individuality. I work on modeling leadership everyday. First I need to lead myself (Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, and Put First Things First), then, of course, collaborate with the community at large. My class should be fun, but at the same time we are hard workers. I want to be a smart worker, too, meaning I value my time and put first things first. I prioritize what is important to work on everyday. At the end of each day I hope to feel happy, smart, confident, calm, and accomplished. I respect students and their families: we encourage each other, challenge each other, inspire each other. I want our learning to be useful and practical, too.


    Class Mission Statement: This is why we are here: We know we need to learn and grow every day. We want to thrive not just survive! We are curious and love learning.  “Work hard, be nice” is our motto. We try hardest but also try to learn from our mistakes and work smarter, too. We support each other by picking each other up when we’re down, other times challenging ourselves to aim higher. Laughter is heard because we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Tears may be seen because we are honestly trying our best and failure is inseparable from success. Things worth fighting for, like a great education, won’t work unless we put our whole heart into it!


  • Our first day will be on Wednesday, August 17. I can't wait to meet you and get started!

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