Welcome to Mrs. Walch's Fifth Grade Classroom

  • Fifth Grade Information:

    Fifth grade is an exciting year of learning and growth. I'm looking forward to working with you, students and families, this year. There are three fifth grade teachers that work very closely together, Mrs. Kazos, Miss Zamani, and myself. 

    My Mission Statement:

    I commit to fostering a love of learning, as well as instilling the trait of perseverance. I will provide a nurturing environment so that each student will know that our classroom is their safe place, a place where they can take risks when their learning is involved. I will do my best to provide a rigorous curriculum and offer support so that our students can grow emotionally, socially, and academically this year. Finally, I will help our students to have greater confidence in their abilities. Great things will happen in our class.


    Our Classroom Mission Statement:

     Our mission as students is being learners who will have a good future, being students who are willing to take risks with our learning, and being people who are able to interact with others in social situations. We commit to setting a goal and working to achieve it, listening and following directions, and trying our best. Every student in Room 218 will have the courage to say things in class, be okay with making mistakes, and will encourage each other. We will play with others who may be alone, greet someone in return when we are greeted, and will make eye contact when speaking with others. We hope to achieve all of our goals and have a great year.