Welcome to Mrs. Caudle's Class


      • Areas of Classroom Study

        Language Arts – Reading and Language

        • Areas of Focus: grammar, language, vocabulary, and comprehension. 
        • Curricular Resources: We use McGraw Hill Treasures in the classroom. Throughout the year, the curriculum will be supplemented with additional resources.

        Langauge Arts - Writing

        • Areas of Focus: narratives, opinion, and expository writing 
        • Curricular Resources: Lucy Calkins Units of Study, Treasures, 6-Traits and additional resources
        • Students will apply writing skills across all curricular areas.


        • Areas of Focus:
          • Adding & Subtracting Fractions
          • Adding & Subtracting Decimals
          • Multiplying & Dividing Fractions
          • Multiplication with Whole Numbers & Decimals
          • Division with Whole Numbers & Decimals
          • Operations & Problem Solving
          • Algebra, Patterns, and Coordinate Grids
          • Measurement and Data
        • Curricular Resources: Math Expressions and ST Math

        Social Studies

        • Areas of Focus:
          • United States Geography
          • Native Americans
          • Early Exploration
          • First Colonies
          • American Revolution
          • Westward Expansion
          • Government
        • Curricular Resources: Harcourt School Publishers Reflections and additional resources


        • Areas of Focus:
          • Matter
          • Plants & Animals
          • Body Systems
          • Water, Weather, & Solar System
        • Curricular Resources: Scott Foresman California Science

        Special Classroom Schedules

        Monday - Starting Arts in the morning

        Tuesday - Library in the morning

        Wednesday - Playworks in the afternoon (once/month)

        Thursday - PE in the afternoon

        Friday - PE in the morning

         Homework Policy

        Homework is assigned Monday through Friday, with occasional projects that may require some weekend work.  Students should spend no more than 50 minutes per night on homework in addition to 30 minutes of reading.  Students are responsible for recording their homework assignments clearly in their planner daily.  At the end of the school day, students are responsible for gathering all materials needed to complete their homework and making sure that all materials are in their folder and backpack.  It is the student’s responsibility to get and make-up missed assignments. Homework will be checked off daily in class.  We will correct work together as a class.