Welcome to Ms. Miyake's Classroom: Home of the Master Builders

  • Curriculum and Standards

    Reading & Grammar


    • Units of Writing
    • Genres: Narrative (personal, realistic fiction, general fiction), Informational, Poetry, Opinion


    • Math Expressions


    • Earth Science: Rocks & Minerals; Changes to Earth's Surface
    • Physical Science: Electricity & Magnetism
    • Life Science: Ecosystems

    Social Studies

    • California's Location and Geography
    • Native Americans in California
    • Early Exploration
    • Spanish Settlements and Mexican Rule
    • Gold Rush and Statehood
    • California Since 1850
    • Government

    Social Emotional Learning

    • Mindset
    • Multiple Intelligences
  • Daily Schedule

    8:15-8:30 Opening/Morning Procedure

    8:30-10 Language Arts

    10-10:20 Recess

    10:20-11:20 Mathematics

    11:35-12:15 Lunch

    12:15-1:05 Writing Workshop

    1:05-1:45 Social Studies or Science

    1:45-2:15 Various Activities (book club & classroom economy pay day)

    2:15-2:25 Afternoon Procedure

    2:30 Dismissal


    Special activities:

    • Physical Education: three times per week
    • Library: every other Friday
    • Starting Arts: once per week
    • Playworks: once per month
  • Assessments

    Vocabulary/Spelling: Bi-weekly with daily homework practice

    Reading Comprehension: Quizzes on reading comprehension, reading strategies, and word study are given each week

    Math: Quick checks throughout concept units, final assessments, and/or projects

    Social Studies and Science: Assessments/projects will be given at the end of each chapter or unit. They will focus on the "Big Ideas."

    Assessment Corrections

    Purpose: Students reflect on their knowledge, review knowledge that they forgot, and identify why they missed quiestions on tests (which will help them not make these mistakes in the future).

    SSD Standards Based Grading Rubric