Welcome to Room 36 Where Students are Soaring Through Fourth Grade!



                                                   8:12-8:30      Morning Routine

                                                 8:30-10:00      Language Arts

                                               10:00-10:20      Recess

                                               10:20-11:35      Math Rotation

                                               11:35-12:15      Lunch

                                                 12:15-1:00      Writing Workshop

                                                   1:00-2:10      Social Studies/Science

                                                   2:10-2:20      Afternoon Routine

                                                   2:20-2:30      Read Aloud

                                                            2:30      Dismissal




         Special Schedules

    • Physical Education

             Monday   9:05-9:45AM

             Thursday 8:20-9:00AM

             Friday     1:50-2:30PM

    • Library

             Wednesday 9:30-10:00(bi-weekly)

    • Starting Arts (dance, theatre, music)

             Tuesday 9:00-9:30

    • Playworks

             Friday 1:00-1:30 (monthly)

    • Fall Festival and Walk-A-Thon

            4th and 5th graders are technically still in school during these events.

            You will receive specific instructions for sign out on these days.