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    Happy New Year!


    Hoping this message finds you and your family safe, well, and sheltered in faith this new year. 2020 was certainly a trying year for many of us, and we know We are Stronger Together.


    In 2021, I believe as a district and in our personal lives, we have been “ Called to Learning Together Arriving as One ”.  We are being challenged not to waste this time of being sheltered in place but rather to prepare ourselves for the great task of Renewal here in Sunnyvale and beyond.


    Let us go into 2021, with Love on our minds and in our hearts. This year truly demonstrated to us all; that love is the greatest gift we can give. It is love that conquers all, builds bridges, and mends souls.


    Considering the recent events in our nation’s capital, along with the trials we’ve endured for most of 2020, it is an important time to be reminded of our goals to stay connected, spread positivity, and build hope. Here in the Sunnyvale School District, we believe we can face any challenge, overcome incredible circumstances, and be there for our staff, students, and families when we do it together.


    With the New Year, the District is launching a new initiative called Project Togetherness.

    The goal of Project Togetherness is to connect us and to provide a way to practice healthy intentions. Each week we will provide you with a new activity. Each month will have its own theme.

    May’s focus is on Gratitude.


    3 Gratitude Activities:

    • Gratitude Tree
    • Charity Drive
    • Scavenger Hunt 

    Helping Kids Think About the Good

    (How-to Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8REORO4o838 (2:53) 

    We hope that as families complete these projects that they will share photos of them so we may share them on our social media channels! We encourage you to also participate if you like. Please email your photos to alia.wilson@sesd.org or rachel.bacosa@sesd.org.




    Tasha L. Dean, Ed.D.

    Assistant Superintendent of Student Services and Special Education