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Join Us for the Walk-a-Thon!



Dear Fairwood Families,


Our school Walk-A-Thon will begin tomorrow at 12:45 PM. We hope that all of you will be able to join us for this exciting event! Here are a few details to help you be prepared!


Kindergarten – Third Grade Students

  • Please pick up your child at the classroom at 12:30. If you will be staying for the Walk-a-Thon, you can go to the Upper Grade playground and find your child’s room number on the blacktop. The classroom teacher will meet you there once all students have been dismissed.
  • Students staying for the Walk-a-Thon must have adult supervision. Students without supervision will be sent to the office to call home.


Fourth and Fifth Grade Students

  • Fourth and fifth grade students are still in school until 2:15. At 12:40, they will finish lunch and join their teachers at their classroom lines. Their teachers will lead them to their meeting spot on the blacktop.
  • Fourth and fifth grade students are expected to participate in the Walk-a-Thon until dismissal. At 2:10, an announcement will be made over the loud speaker for upper grade students to go to their lines. The teachers will meet them there and dismiss them for the day.
  • After 2:15, students must have adult supervision to remain at the Walk-a-Thon. Students without supervision will be sent to the office to call home.


Fun for All

In addition to the Walk-a-Thon, we will be having an amazing raffle and some delicious food options! If you pre-ordered tickets, you will be able to pick them up in the preorder section of the ticket booth. You can also purchase tickets during the event!



A big thank you to Gena Martin and her amazing Walk-a-Thon crew! We are still in need of additional volunteers to help punch lap cards, sell tickets, and assist with other logistics. We also will need help with clean up after the Walk-a-Thon. To make it easy for you to volunteer to help with clean up, we will have a movie showing in the multi for the students of our afternoon volunteers!


If you can volunteer your time during a portion of our Walk-a-Thon, we would really appreciate it, and your child will be happy to see you helping out! You can find a volunteer sign-up sheet on Up-to-Us.


We look forward to a fun and festive afternoon. Please be sure to send your child in comfortable clothes with good walking shoes and a water bottle.




Rachelle Romander