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Lakewood Elementary in the News!

(Published: December 14, 2016)
Lakewood Elementary School held a community forum Dec. 2 to showcase the school’s new technology curriculum and focus on teaching students to navigate the tech and online world in a safe and responsible manner.
Teachers, residents, and members of the city council were on hand at the school to hear from principal Pamela Cheng about the new technology-focused learning and future goals for students.
“We said, let’s integrate technology for learning and incorporate 21st-century skills in critical thinking,” said Cheng.
New curriculum implemented includes cyber safety for grades K-2 and how to be good “cyber citizens” for grades 3-5. Students are taught how to apply the same caring, thoughtful approach to online interactions as they would during face-to-face interactions. As the school continues with its district initiative to have one digital device for each student, school officials say it is important to teach students about how to responsibly engage with technology emotionally and socially.
The school was recently recognized as a Common Sense Certified School for Digital Citizenship. Lakewood has been using Common Sense Education’s resources to teach students about managing online relationships, protecting online reputations and respecting creative copyrights.