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Lakewood in the News!

parents thrilled to get their own computers

Several families from Sunnyvale’s Lakewood Elementary School have received laptops courtesy of generous donors.

Pavan Lanka and his wife Apara Ranjan donated six Dell computers to students and their families, despite the couple not having any children attending the school. Lanka, who works in tech, volunteers his time to teach coding to students and literacy through Reading Partners.

One parent, Rocio Vargas, said the computer will help further the education for her two daughters, who are in first and third grade.

“I feel really fortunate to get this for my kids. It’s a great tool for learning, and I think that these days that kids need to know how to operate a computer in order to learn and be competitive in school and later,” said Vargas.

“Today everything is done on websites and on the Internet. I’m so happy right now to get this, really happy,” said parent Noe Hernandez.

Lanka will also donate his time in the form of leading monthly trouble-shooting workshops so families can better use the laptops and learn how to monitor their children’s use of the device.

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The article was written by Victoria Kezra, Sunnyvale Sun. Photos by Jacqueline Ramseyer.