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San Miguel in the News!

students follow teacher in practicing trumpets  

San Miguel Elementary School has formed its first school band and is asking the community to help students start off on a high note.

The inaugural band already has 16 students and was put together through a partnership between the Sunnyvale school and Arts Initiative, a nonprofit organization bringing performing arts programs to schools in the South Bay. The band is seeking donations of cash, music stands and instruments, with drums especially needed, according to organizers.

Arts Initiative has successfully started bands at several other schools, and CEO Chris Reed was on hand at the band’s third practice session on Tuesday to help guide the saxophone players and get them comfortable reading sheet music.

Because the school does not own any instruments, most students are renting or borrowing theirs. Families are asked to pay a $300 tuition fee to cover materials, trips and instruction. However, 15 band members received a $100 scholarship from the PTA board, and 10 students also received a $50 scholarship from Arts Initiative. Some families were also able to set up installment plans to pay the tuition fee.


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The article was written by Victoria Kezra, Sunnyvale Sun. Photos by Jacqueline Ramseyer.