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December 2022 Message

Dear Friends,

You may know that our district motto is, “Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow.” Though it was established years ago, the message remains vital, relevant, and clear.

I believe neighborhood public schools are the cornerstone of our communities and even of our democracy.  I often reflect on the important responsibility we accept as educators and as a community in support of Sunnyvale’s schools. Collectively, we create a joyful environment that fosters the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral growth of our children so they will become global-minded, compassionate leaders of a diverse, challenging, and constantly changing world.

I am so proud when I see our students developing their leadership skills as they learn to evaluate and to make meaning of complex information, to find creative solutions to challenging problems, and to understand others’ perspectives through collaborative work. Our students are already developing the tools of leadership, and I believe our future is in capable hands.

We provide our students with learning opportunities that include exercises building social-emotional-cultural awareness and experiences with complex mathematics and hands-on scientific exploration. We know this academic and social-emotional rigor is foundational to success in both education and in the workplace.

Sunnyvale’s children grow in competence across subject areas from year to year, and along the way, they build confidence, develop opinions, and gain skills to test and to support their theories. Ultimately, our students find that their contributions are critically important, not just to themselves personally, but to their classmates as well.

We believe that a well-rounded education will carry our students into adulthood with the capability to shape better lives for themselves and a better world for all.  This belief drives our work to ensure each child is learning today so that whatever they choose to do with their life, they will be capable of leading a better, more compassionate world tomorrow.

It is a privilege to serve your family.

Michael Gallagher