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Air Quality Update and Plans for November 19, 2018

Dear SSD Family,

We have been closely monitoring air quality conditions and forecasts throughout the weekend; and on Monday, our district will be following the same procedures as this past week. All schools will remain open. 

We will be taking the following precautions to ensure our students’ safety:

  • All outdoor activities, including student breaks, recesses, lunch and physical education classes will be moved indoors;
  • Staff will do our utmost to restrict our students’ exposure to the outdoors.
  • Our District Office staff will continue to offer assistance with student supervision.

The Santa Clara County Health Department and the Santa Clara County Office of Education have jointly prepared the following brief videoed press conference for your information.

If parents disagree with the advice given in this video, and you wish to keep your students home due to health concerns, you have that choice.  Ultimately, parents know what is best for their child based on his/her health needs.  If your student will not be attending school, please call your school’s attendance line and provide the absence reason as “health concerns.”  The absence will be excused.

I feel deeply grateful to our caring and committed staff and parents and our persevering students during this challenging time.  Our hearts go out to the thousands of Californians who have been impacted by wildfires.

Wishing you peace, rest and renewal this Thanksgiving.

Warmest regards,

Benjamin H. Picard, Superintendent