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Approval of Resolution No. 20-13 Authorizing the Conveyance of Dedication of a Public Utility Easement to Pacic Gas and Electric Company

In order to support the EV buses that will soon be delivered to Sunnyvale School District, and future EV vehicles, the electrical infrastructure at the Operations Yard will need to be upgraded in order to handle the increased demand. While applying for a service upgrade, District staff became aware of a grant program, PG&E’s EV Fleet Electrication program.

Commonly, Sunnyvale School District would be responsible for all costs associated with an electrical service upgrade. Under this program, funding for engineering and all infrastructure materials and installation back of the meter will be done at no cost to Sunnyvale School District.

PG&E does require that an easement be granted to construct, reconstruct, install, inspect, maintain, replace, remove and use facilities for public utilities purposes.

The process to provide an easement requires action be taken at two separate meeting of the Board of Education. The initial Resolution was approved by the Board at its regularly scheduled meeting on February 6, 2020. Resolution No. 20-13 will complete the process. Resolution No. 20-13 requires no less than 2/3 Board support. Once approved, staff will complete the easement documents and forward to PG&E.

It is anticipated that work by PG&E will begin in approximately 4 weeks.

This electrical service upgrade is a key component in our efforts to convert a portion of Sunnyvale School District’s transportation and white eet to EV.

The attached easement has been reviewed by legal counsel and the aforementioned process was developed in concert with legal counsel.

Resolution No. 20-13