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Personal Play Equipment

In keeping with our past practices, we want to remind all members of the Cherry Chase community that personal play equipment is not allowed at school. This includes balls, kendamas, trading cards, small toys, and any other items intended solely for recreation. 
Items that a teacher has requested for a specific assignment may be brought, but may only be shared in class during the time designated by the teacher. Those items stay in the backpack (or other container) at all other times. 
This also includes items that are intended for use in after-school programs or at another household the child may visit after school. Those items also must stay in the backpack during the school day.
This policy has been part of Cherry Chase culture for several years, and we request your support as we resume consistent implementation. We are working together to ensure safety and equity of play for all students at our school. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Lee or Mrs. Romander in the school office.  
Anita Lee