What Programs may be available?

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Continuum of Special Education and Related Services for Identified Students: 
-General education with supplementary aids and services 
- General education with non-intensive specialized academic instruction 
- General education with related services 
- General education with intensive specialized academic instruction 
- Special classes and centers in nonpublic, nonsectarian schools 
- State special schools 
- Home instruction

Related services may include but are not limited to: 
- Speech and Language 
- Audiological services 
- Orientation and mobility 
- Adapted physical education 
- Physical and occupational therapy 
- Vision services
- Health and nursing services 
- Vocational and career development 
- Counseling and psychological services 
- Parent counseling and training 
- Recreation services 
- Services for pupils with chronic illness 
- Services for deaf and hard of hearing 
- Home and hospital instruction