• attendance


    Please report your child's absence to Ext 1999


    An excused absence is one due to:

    • Illness (after 3 days a physician's note may be required)

    • For the purpose of having a medical/dental appointment (Doctor’s note required)

    • The student is absent due to a religious holiday (see California Ed. Code)

    • Death of an immediate family member

    • A court appearance (a note signed by an official of the court shall serve as documentation)

    Please review the Academic Calendar and make doctor appointments outside school hours whenever possible.   Please see the Parent-Student Handbook.”


    Arriving late is distracting to the teacher and the students in class 

    There should be no more than 3 events of tardiness in one school year

    When is a child too sick to attend School?

    For health and safety reasons, your child should not attend school if he/she exhibits any of the following:

    • A fever of more than 100 degrees

    • Eyes that are red, swollen, draining, or oozing

    • Diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting

    • Contraction of a childhood communicable disease such as chicken pox, measles, or mumps (notify the school immediately)

    • Pink eye, strep throat (notify the school immediately)be here