• Thank you for choosing Sunnyvale School District for your child!

    We are delighted to serve your family. 


    New Student Registration Process 

    There are 3 steps that need to be followed to register as a new student:

    1. Identify your neighborhood school

    • Use this School Locator to identify your school of residence.
    • If you are interested in enrolling your student for PreSchool (Pre-K), please click here

    2. Prepare your documentation

    3. Complete the registration process online through our Registration portal (See Below)

    The Sunnyvale School District utilizes InfoSnap to host an online method of collecting registration information conveniently and securely. Once the initial information has been collected, your neighborhood school will contact you for confirmation or follow-up regarding missing documents. 

    1. Please read the New Student Registration process before beginning the registration application, to ensure you have all the documents required. 
    2. Please note, that your child is NOT registered until ALL documents are submitted.
    3. Open Enrollment will take place from February 1- February 14.

    If you have further questions about your student's submitted enrollment application, please call your neighborhood school.

    For more information on Open Enrollment please Click Here. Open Enrollment is a request to transfer from your school of residence (a.k.a. your “neighborhood school” or your “home school”) to a Program of Choice or another school within the Sunnyvale School District.  

    Registration Links for the 2023-2024 School Year

    2023-2024 Online Registration

    2023-2024 Registracion en Linea