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    (Updated May 24, 2021)


    Sunnyvale’s Return Plan: A “Restorative Restart”


    PACE (Policy Analysis for California Education) is an Education Policy “think tank” that has created a blueprint for the first six weeks of school.  Their report, Reimagine and Rebuild: Restarting School with Equity at the Center has been endorsed by every major education advocacy group in the state. The report calls for schools and districts to focus on five areas during the first six weeks of school, and to continue with an emphasis in these areas as the year progresses.

    The five areas of focus for a Restorative Restart are:

    • Center Relationships
    • Address Whole Child Needs
    • Strengthen Staffing and Partnerships
    • Make Teaching and Learning Relevant and Rigorous
    • Empower Teams to Reimagine and Rebuild Systems


    Sunnyvale’s strong commitment to a balance between academic and social emotional outcomes as well as our commitments to supporting our staff and building community partnerships all position us well as we head into the summer in preparation for the new school year. I encourage you to review  Reimagine and Rebuild: Restarting School with Equity at the Center as the District will be using these concepts as we look to the start of the 2021-22 school year.



    Michael Gallagher, Ed.D.





    Highlights of the Elementary In-Person Hybrid (AM/PM) Model


    • Students' in person schedule is either  8:00am - 10:30 a.m. OR 12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. (M, T, TH, F), for 2.5 hours a day.

    • Due to the split schedule, only half the class will be in person at any given time

    • Each group of students completes asynchronous work while not attending school in person. This work may consist of digital, paper/pencil assignments, and exploratory materials.

    • All students attend live instruction in the Virtual School model on Wednesday morning from 8:00-10:00. 

    • Students will be assigned asynchronous activities for Wednesdays after the end of live instruction at 10:00 a.m.



    Elementary Hybrid Model: A Week at a Glance 

    • To ensure the necessary space for physical distancing in classrooms, in-person classroom capacity will be restricted to 50% of current class sizes.

    • The students that attend the morning session will have breakfast and a snack on campus. A hot lunch and a frozen dinner, with reheating instructions, will be bundled to take home. The students that attend the afternoon session will have a hot lunch and a snack on campus. A breakfast for the next day and a frozen dinner, with reheating instruction, will be bundled to take home.

    • Home to School transportation will be provided from the same bus stops as have been provided in prior years.  Bus capacity is limited to approximately 25% and will be disinfected throughout the day.


    Safety Protocols and Procedures

    • Daily Screener - all students attending the In-Person AM/PM Hybrid program will be required to complete a daily screener prior to their student entering campus.

    • Mask/Social Distance/Handwashing - facemasks will be required for all students and except for those that are medically unable to (doctors note will be required).  Social distancing signs and markers will be posted, proper handwashing techniques will be modeled and hand sanitizer is available.

    • Given the social distancing requirement, there will be some major differences from Pre-COVID, including no use of the playground and no open recess.

    • Disinfecting/Cleaning/HVAC - classrooms will be disinfected between each cohort in elementary school classrooms and at the end of each day.  Restrooms will also be disinfected daily.  District-wide, HVAC systems have been upgraded and fitted with MERV 13 air filters.  Rooms that do not have forced ventilation systems will be equipped with HEPA air scrubbers rated to exceed the air volume of that space.

    • Parent Handbook - The District has created a handbook to provide information about the safety protocols and procedures that will be in place at the school site.

    • FAQ - The District has created a Frequently Asked Questions page to provide information about the gradual, phased reopening of campuses. 

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