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  • Welcome to the "Lakewood Lion's Den" where everyone can experience the LOVE of reading!!

    Lion Love

  • Hello, Lakewood Family!


    The Summer Reading Challenge is ON! :) 


    Friends, do your best to read every day! Exercising your brain is sooo important...just like playing outside is good for your whole body!


    Please send me an email if you have any questions about the reading challenge: tammy.michels@sesd.org


    If you lose your reading log click here to print another one. If you do not have a printer write everything down on a blank piece of paper.


    Have a fun summer and I will see you SOON!



    Ms. Michels



California Young Reader Medal

  • Beginning in January 2020, I will read five books to grades TK-3rd from the California Young Reader Medal nominated books.  After all five books are read to the students, he/she will vote for his/her favorite book. This is a great time for students to learn about the voting process and how EVERY vote counts.


    Visit the CYRM website for details about the nominations and past winners. 


    The nominees for 2019-2020 are:

     the Bad Seed.jpg




     HighestMountain - Cover.png


    Let me finish.jpg


    The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors 




Millionaire Club

  • Students in grades 3rd, 4th & 5th...do you want to become a millionaire?? Well, now you have your chance! If you would like to participate, please ask me for a sign up sheet. After you fill out the required information (parent signature needed) please return it to me. You will then receive a "reading log" to keep track of all the books you read. Parents: books that are read to your child count as well. Once you have finished your book, write down the title and then visit, www.arbookfind.com. Click on the "tab" for ADVANCED SEARCH, type in the TITLE of your book (make sure it's the same author). Click on the title and write the word count on your reading log. Keep your reading log until you read 1,000,000 words and then turn it in to Mrs. Michels. The goal is to read ONE MILLION words by May 1, 2020.  :)

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