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    Our school began the journey of focusing on science and inquiry for all students in 2013.  We believe that science provides a foundation for critical thinking that benefits our students and society.  In turn, students learn to question, interpret data, base decisions on evidence, respect logic, learn that actions have consequences, and develop intellectual independence. 

    Our role is to foster and encourage students' natural curiosity.  We do this by guiding and providing opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom through field trips, and visits to our on-site science lab and outdoor garden/lab.  Several of our teachers have been trained in NGSS, Next Generation Science Standards through the Lawrence Hall of Science.  This collaboration allows us to create and implement projects and curricula designed to meet the specific needs of our diverse student population. 

    All students maintain what we call a "Science Notebook" throughout the school year.  This allows students an opportunity to document, question, and wonder about each investigation, collect data, interpret data, and document findings. 

    To learn more about Student Success through Science, please call us at 408-522-8267!

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    Field Trips

    We believe that as scientists it is vital to investigate and learn about the world around us.  By providing all students with adequate experiences and opportunities to collaborate with their peers, students are able to ask questions, make mistakes, and develop scientific understandings. 

    Each grade level has a goal of at least one scientific trip per month.  These trips are designed to coincide with specific science standards by grade level. Students often return and create digital portfolios to share their discoveries.