• The Playworks Mission is to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play.  


    Playworks is a national nonprofit organization that transforms schools by providing play and physical activity at recess and throughout the school day. Through on-site direct service and trainer-led professional development workshops, Playworks restores valuable teaching time, reduces bullying, increases physical activity, and improves the school and learning environment.  At Bishop, Playworks accomplishes its mission through the three activities explained below.

Recess Time

  • Playground

    Armed with balls, cones, jump ropes, and enthusiasm, Playworks coaches take to the blacktop or hardwood every recess, taking advantage of the amazing teaching and learning opportunities inherent in recess and bringing healthy, inclusive play that moves kids off the sidelines and engages them in the action.

Leadership Development

  • Playworks builds play into leadership through the Playworks Junior Coach program, which encourages teams of students to work together to learn games, fair play and positive conflict resolution and to teach these skills and lessons appropriately to their classmates.

Class Game Time

  • Between recess bells, Playworks coaches establish a weekly schedule of class game-time activities, providing an inclusive, consciously cooperative approach to introducing sports and physical activity to children. Kids learn basic sports, playground, and cooperative games, as well as lessons on physical health and fitness and principles of violence prevention and safety. 





    For more information, visit the Playworks website.