Family Engagement
    All families dream about raising healthy, successful children,
    but not all families have equal access to the systems of support that turn the dream into reality.


    The Family Engagement Institute at Foothill College (FEI) provides continued educational opportunities for families of low income by building engagement strategies that strengthen the capacity of families, schools and communities to support the success of all children. The FEI faculty and staff work closely with Foothill's Child Development Department, Noncredit Division and community organizations to maximize resources and develop and deliver high quality programs that emphasize the importance of family in a child's healthy growth and development.

    What is Family Engagement?

    Family Engagement is a shared responsibility among families, schools, and communities in which schools and community organizations are committed to reaching out to engage families in meaningful ways and families are committed to actively supporting their children's leaning and development.  We value the influence of family on a child's well-being and are committed to all families being informed and engaged as powerful advocates for their children.  For more information, visit the Family Engagement Institute website

    Bishop Elementary School offers a variety of Parenting Workshops in English and Spanish at no cost to families. 
    Specific class dates can be found on our website calendar.