• Attendance

    Your child’s attendance at school is extremely important for academic success.  Studies show that students with high numbers of absences are more likely to experience behavioral difficulties or to drop out of school. 


    Under California law, students are required to attend school.  We monitor daily student attendance very closely.  Students are excused from school only for personal illness, medical/dental/court appointments, and for funerals of immediate family members.  All other absences are considered unexcused and can result in a truancy meeting with the principal and Neighborhood Resource Officer.
    If your child is absent from school, please call our absence line at 408-523-8143 and let us know the reason.
    Sick Face
    Please arrive to school a few minutes early every day, schedule doctor and dental appointments after school, and schedule family trips during the scheduled school holidays.  By doing so, you help us provide your child with the best education possible!

    Impact of Tardiness

    1.  The first few minutes of class are loaded with information.

    2.  Being tardy interrupts the class.

    3.  It is embarrassing to arrive late to class.

    4.  Arriving late leaves the student disoriented.

    5.  Arriving late is distracting to the teacher and the students in class.

    6.  A late student misses the start of the day socialization.

    7.  Being late to class develops a habit of arriving late.

    8.  Students that arrive to school late have more difficulty in school.

    9.  Late students have a higher risk of dropping out of school.

    10.  A habitually late student may have lower self esteem and confidence because of academic difficulties.

    Attendance Counts