• Sunnyvale Middle School Athletics


    Dear Parents/Guardians and Athletes,


    Congratulations!   We welcome you to our after-school sports program.   As coaches, we feel it is necessary to explain in some detail what is expected of our student-athletes as well as their parents/guardians.




    At SMS we require that a student-athlete be in good academic standing. The requirements are as follows:

    1. The student-athlete receiving anything below a “2” in any Life Long Learning Skill will be ineligible to participate.
    2. During the season the Athletic Director may put an athlete on probation and/or terminate them from the team for their grades or academic marks – this includes citizenship.


    School and Sports:

    1. A student may not participate in a sporting event if they have an apparent injury or doctor’s note excusing them from any portion of their Physical Education class on the day of a sporting event.
    1. A student must be present for at least three full periods in order to participate in that days sporting event.



    All student-athletes are expected to be present at all practices held at SMS.    Please refer to the following information regarding practice:

    1. If a student-athlete cannot attend practice/competition for any reason, the athlete is responsible to inform the coach.
    2. One unexcused absence can result in not playing in the following game. Two unexcused absences will generally lead to a dismissal from the team.
    1.  Please make dental and doctor appointments outside of the practice and game schedule.
    2.  All student-athletes will help with the set-up and clean-up of the equipment before and after practice and competitions.



    check made out to the City of Sunnyvale in the amount of $40.00 may be submitted to your coach along with the issued paperwork. Your student cannot play until all the paperwork has been submitted.


    A refund will not be issued if: An athlete is dropped from the team for academic or behavior issues, an athlete decides to quit, or after gaining playing privileges through probationary grade checks, subsequent grade checks render the athlete ineligible. 


    All of our student-athletes will be issued a uniform and it is their responsibility to return the uniform to their coach in good order. If the uniform is lost or damaged due to negligence, the athlete or parent will be charged a $60.00 uniform fine for its replacement.


    Good Sportsmanship:


    Student-athletes must realize that they represent their school, coach, family, teammates, and themselves by their conduct. Good sportsmanship is mandatory. Athletes who violate this tenet are subject to be removed from the team. This applies to parents/guardians as well.



    We rely on parent-volunteers to transport our athletes to our away competitions. We greatly appreciate all the parents who can volunteer for this important duty. If you are available to drive, please submit a School Driver Transportation Form that can be both acquired from the front office and submitted to the office staff.


    We look forward to another fine season and a positive experience for all of us involved. Whether we win, lose, or draw, please remember to have fun!!!



    Shane Reynolds

    Athletic Director