Welcome to Sunnyvale Middle School! Go Spartans!

  • Respect, Responsibility, and Right Choices

    SMS is a school community that embraces students' unique gifts and affirms their culture. We pursue excellence in academic, social, emotional, and cultural competencies, preparing them for high school and beyond.

    We believe in:

    • Diversity, equity, and inclusion drive our decisions/instruction and strengthen our educational community.
    • Creating a learning environment where all students have a voice, demonstrate responsibility, and participate in their learning to meet high academic standards.
    • Being a community of lifelong learners who strive to continually grow and gain a better understanding of ourselves, and the world around us, and serve as a force for good.
    • Developing connections with students, families, and colleagues to build empathy is a critical element of student success.

    Our Actions (We Will):

    • Build time into the schedule for community-building activities, social-emotional learning, executive functioning skills, and career exploration.
    • Implement Restorative Justice Practices.
    • Examine our curriculum, teaching practices, and interventions to ensure they meet the needs of all students.
    • Establish advocates for equity and inclusion and utilize equitable classroom practices to ensure students’ experiences are positive and inclusive.
    • Solicit and respond to students’ and families’ feedback about SMS.
    • Participate in Professional Learning Communities that utilize student data to inform instruction.
    • Seek out and implement inclusive multicultural curriculum/content, as well as opportunities for identity-based student organizations and events.
    • Promote physical fitness and mental health growth.

    Our Commitments (We Will):

    • Develop social-emotional intelligence, self-advocacy, and resilience in students.
    • Create clarity by communicating with all stakeholders and developing systems to collect meaningful feedback.
    • Teach both content and skills, so all students are prepared for high school and beyond.
    • Make learning relevant by incorporating students’ voices and reflecting on their lived experiences.
    • Collaborate regularly to examine our instructional practices and ensure achievement for all.

Learner Outcomes for SMS Students:

Learner Outcomes for SMS Students: