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    Thank you for visiting our CMS Distance Learning Resource Page!  We will continue to update this page with any new information, and will include a link to this page in the weekly bulletin.


    Frequently Asked Questions:  What are the expectations for distance learning?  Is the work graded?  What is happening with 8th grade promotion?  The answers to this and other questions can be found on this document: 


    Schedules:  When does my student have Zoom classes?  How can I contact the teacher?  What should my student be working on throughout the day?  Click on your student's grade level schedules below, and you will see that each subject is scheduled for a different time of day, so that teachers' office hours and videoconferences won't conflict.  There is also a short video showing you how you can customize your student's schedule so that only his/her classes show.

     Click Below for Schedules:


    How to Customize Your Schedule: (Scroll down to "How-To" Videos for a demo)

    • Click on the link to your grade level schedule above.
    • Click on "File" and select "Make a Copy"  (and name your copy if you'd like)
    • Notice that the bottom of the spreadsheet has 2 tabs at the bottom.  The first tab is the "master list" of all the teachers in that grade level and their schedules.  The second tab ("My Schedule") is where you are going to customize your schedule.
      • For 6th Grade, use "Command + C" to copy your teachers' schedules from the first tab  and past ("Command + V) to the second tab.  Do this for all of your teachers.  Once complete, use cut and paste to organize them by time.
      • For 7th/8th Grade, the master list is already copied into the 2nd "My Schedule" tab.  All you need to do is delete all of the teachers that you don't have. 
    • Customize your schedule (add lunch, chores, work time, reward time) into your schedule.


    Video Conferencing Expectations and Tools: Here are links to our videoconferencing guidelines as well as tools to use videoconferencing:



    "How-To" Videos:  Here are some videos to support distance learning.  Click on a topic below to find a video!



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