Stanford University Partnership Program

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    Columbia Middle School’s University Partnership Program (UPP) offers students

    direct experience with some of the most innovative instructional techniques

    coming out of Stanford University’s renowned School of Education. UPP allows us

    to leverage our own best practices with Stanford’s most promising research-based

    strategies for maximum benefit to our students.


    A classroom partnership with a world-class partner

    In this tuition-free Sunnyvale School District Program of Choice, Stanford teaching

    candidates join Columbia’s highly qualified teachers in working directly with UPP

    students in the classroom, enabling more small-group instruction and using the

    highest-quality instructional curriculum and materials available.

    UPP classrooms are creative communities in which students can safely explore,

    inquire, and investigate, learn to use technology effectively, and develop constructive

    habits for self-awareness and group interaction. The result is a learning community

    that is rigorous, engaging, and highly effective.


    Creating a lab of innovation

    UPP is helping Columbia refine our own best instructional practices for later

    implementation throughout the district. UPP classrooms are thus “labs of innovation”

    in which students get to try out cutting-edge lessons.


    With CORE at the core

    UPP — like all Sunnyvale School District curriculum — is driven by the California

    Common Core Standards, or the “5 Cs”: critical thinking, communication, creativity,

    collaboration, and civility, but with an increased emphasis on social-emotional development,

    inquiry-based learning, and technology integration. UPP students have UPP

    teachers and curriculum for English, math, science, and social studies courses.


    And CMS at its heart

    The University Partnership Program began in 2013 with just two 6th grade classes.  We have expanded to all grade levels, and as of the 2019-2020 school year, all of CMS is "UPP."   Learn more about this unique opportunity!


    To enroll, please call the Sunnyvale School District administrative office at (408) 522-8200 ext. 1016.