• FLEX Intervention and Enrichment

    FLEX is a 39 or 48 minute period that meets three times per week (on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday and Thursday mornings). During this FLEX period, all teachers teach a FLEX course, and all students take either an Intervention or Enrichment course. The dual option of support or enrichment allows students to enter and exit courses based on their academic progress.

    Intervention:  For students who need additional support in ELA, Math, or basic coursework, students are enrolled in an Intervention course of 20 students or fewer.

    • EL Support –Students who have not reclassified through the ELPAC process and who demonstrate a need for skill growth in reading, writing, and speaking English.  
    • PowerMath – Students identified through CAASPP, NWEA, and teacher recorded data as needing target support with grade level math concepts. If a student has identified ELA and math areas of need, the student's teaching team will decide on appropriate intervention placement. 
    • Study Skills – Students who qualify for special education services may be placed in a study skills class that encompasses all aspects of academic readiness. This placement is decided by the IEP team.  

     Enrichment:  Students who are not enrolled into an Intervention FLEX may choose from a variety of Enrichment courses:

    • Math 6/7 – FLEX class open to 6th grade students and aims to build upon topics from Math 6 and introduce concepts from Math 7. This class is designed to prepare students to take Math 7/8 in 7th grade. Placement in this class has already been determined and communicated to families. 6th grade families new to the district can request for their student's NWEA and/or CAASPP scores to be assessed to see if the criteria is met for placement. 
    • Other Enrichment -- Students may choose to explore other topics of interest through FLEX in addition to the electives that are built into the core schedule. Each enrichment FLEX course has a reading or writing component to support the core curriculum. Students have the opportunity to choose new FLEX courses each trimester. Below is the list of FLEX enrichment classes for the 2022-2023 SY:


    • History of Civil Rights
    • Homework Club
    • Columbia's Commuknitting
    • Student Leadership
    • Advanced Basketball
    • Fun & Games
    • Flag Football
    • Music Practice Lab
    • Yearbook
    • Intro to Journalism
    • Music Production 101
    • Resolving Conflict Through Peer Mediation