• FLEX Intervention and Enrichment

    FLEX is a 34-minute period that occurs mid-morning and meets four times per week.  During this FLEX period, all teachers teach a FLEX course, and all students take either an Intervention or Enrichment course.  This allows for students to enter and exit courses as needed.

    Intervention:  For students who need additional support in ELA, Math, or basic coursework, students are enrolled in an Intervention course of 20 students or fewer.


    • EL Support –Students who score Intermediate to Advanced on CELDT receive additional ELD instruction using English 3D, a program focused on building academic vocabulary. 
    • RFEP Support – Students who were recently reclassified from EL to RFEP but who have not continued to progress in English are assigned to an ELA support class to support either reading or writing.
    • PowerMath – Students below proficiency in Math enroll in FLEX math using a blended learning model.  Students use ALEKS, an adaptive web-based program in which skills are assessed and individualized goals developed for each student.  When not using ALEKS, students are engaged in small group instruction with the teacher.
    • Study Skills – Students who need additional support in class work enroll in a study skills FLEX class with goals set around work completion.  Special Education teachers also run FLEX classes to support IEP goals.  





     Enrichment:  Students who do not enroll in an Intervention FLEX may choose from a variety of Enrichment courses:


    • Advanced Math – Students who score advanced in the 6th and 7th grade are enrolled in our Advanced Math Flex.  A blended learning model is employed in this course, allowing students to advance at their own pace on the adaptive software while receiving small group instruction requiring extensive problem solving from the instructor. 
    • Enrichment ELA – Students who want to flex their English Language Arts muscle are invited to enroll in our Enrichment ELA courses of Creative Writing (students read and analyze creative writing while also creating their own original works), Book Club (students select a novel and analyze as a small group) or Voice and Choice (students research a topic of interest and create their own TED Talks on the topic.)    
    • Other Enrichment -- Students may choose to explore other topics of interest through Flex in addition to the trimester electives that are built into the core schedule.  Each enrichment FLEX course has a reading or writing component to support the core curriculum. Students have the opportunity to choose new FLEX courses each trimester. Below is a list of other FLEX enrichment:




    Advanced Basketball

    AVID Strategies for Success

    Aviation Technology

    Book Club


    Civil Rights Movement

    Creative Writing

    Design Thinking

    Forensic Science



    Garden to Kitchen

    History of Hip Hop

    Independent Music Study


    Math Challenge

    Multicultural Studies

    Science Fair


    Student Cabinet

    Voice and Choice