•  CMS Update



    Dates:      May 25-29

    To:           Parents/Guardians

    From:       Ms. Allmann




    May 25


    May 26


    May 27


    May 28


    May 29





    Device Pick-up

    10am – 2pm





    Upcoming Events:

    • June 4th – 8th Grade Virtual Awards (video posted at 6pm)
    • June 5th – 8th Grade Virtual Promotion (video posted at 6pm)
    • June 8th – 8th Grade RR Days (A-L)
    • June 9th – 8th Grade RR Days (M-Z)
    • June 10th – 6th/7th RR Days  (A-F)
    • June 11th – 6th/7th RR Days (G-N)
    • June 12th –  6th/7th RR Days (O-Z)


    Principal’s Notes


    Bulldog of the Week

    Congratulations to Farhan Wicaksono, last week’s Bulldog of the Week raffle winner!  This week, teachers will nominate students who have shown self-advocacy during distance learning – students who ask questions, utilize office hours, communicate needs to teachers.  Nominated students will be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card each week!


    Yearbook Update and a Gift from PTSA!

    We learned this week that there due to COVID-related delays in the yearbook manufacturing and shipping process, there is a chance we may not receive our yearbooks by the end of the year (though we are holding out hope!). 


    The PTSA has come to the rescue and is providing an opportunity for an online yearbook page called “Kudoboard” as an alternative (or in addition to) our regular yearbook.  Click here for more info on how to create your free online yearbook!



    Elective Selection (6th/7th Grade Only) – LAST CHANCE

    It’s time for your students to select their electives for next year!  Please make sure your student has selected his/her courses by May 29th.  If they have already made a selection and want to change their selected course, they may submit another form (we will use the most recently submitted form.)  


    Step 1: Elective Course Selection Slides :  Please view these slides to learn about the courses we will be offering next year, including a few new ones!


    Step 2:  Elective Course Selection Worksheet:  Use this as a worksheet to help you make decisions (this is optional and is not submitted.).  


    Step 3:  Elective Selection Form:  Since this is an enrollment form, it can only be opened by students with their school email.  Please discuss elective options with your student – he/she will be choosing either 1 yearlong course, or a combination of 3 trimester courses.


    AVID Elective

    One of the electives open to 7th and 8th graders is AVID!  AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a course that assists students in preparing for their college journey by focusing on college prep skills (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) and college awareness (college and career research, college field trips.)  Here is a video with more information about AVID:  AVID Elective Video .Students must apply to be in this class. Students may click here to access the application.  Please contact Mrs. Goode at katie.goode@sesd.org with any questions.



    Return and Retrieval Days  (all students)

    June 8th - June 12th 


    All students will need to come to CMS in order to return their textbooks, devices, and instruments, and to retrieve their PE locker contents, yearbooks, spring pictures, and for 8th graders, their promotion certificates and awards.  


    In order to comply with social distancing requirements, we have assigned specific days and times by grade and alpha (last name). We have separated 8th grade days from the 6th/7th grade times so we can add a few special touches for our graduating 8th graders.  (However, if an 8th grader has 6th/7th grade siblings, they can come with the 8th grader at the 8th grader’s time.)


    Please comply with the following requirements:

    • Come at your assigned 1-hour window*  (parents/guardians are not required to attend)
    • Wear a mask
    • Maintain a distance of six feet from other people.
    • Bring your textbooks / library books / chromebooks / hotspots
    • You may go to stations in any order, so if there is a line at the Library, go to the Quad or the Staff Lounge.


    *It is important that we try to adhere to the following schedule.  If, for some reason, you/your student cannot attend your assigned time and need to request another time, please complete this form: Request for Alternate Time.  We have very limited options for alternate times, so please request only if necessary.


    Return / Retrieval Days

    (Alpha by Last Name)


    Mon, June 8  

    (8th Grade A-L)

    Tues, June 9 

    (8th Grade M-Z)

    Wed, June 10  

    (6th/7th A-F)

    Thurs, June 11 

    (6th/7th G-N)

    Fri, June 12

    (6th/7th O-Z)

    8am - 9am

    A - B  

    Mac - Mar 



    9am - 10am

    C - D 




    10am - 11am

    E - F  




    Q - Rib

    11am - 12n






    12n - 1pm


    Ce - Cu

    Li - Lu


    1pm - 2pm 

    I- K  

    Ma - Med 


    2pm - 3pm



    Mej - Mu


    3pm - 4pm







    • Library - Textbooks and Library Books
    • Staff Lounge -- Chromebooks and Hotspots1 
    • Music Rooms -- Instruments


    • Locker Rooms -- PE Clothes
    • Library Quad --
      • Promotion Certificates (8th only)
      • Cords/Medals (8th only)
      • Yearbooks*
      • Spring Pictures


    1 Students enrolled in summer school do not need to return their devices.

    * If you did not pre-order a yearbook, we will have some additional copies for sale for $30.



    8th Grade Events


    8th Grade Virtual Awards

    Date:  Thursday, June 4th

    Time:  Video link posted at 6pm

    Event details:  For this pre-recorded ceremony, we will be honoring students for the awards listed below, as well as announcing the finalists for the Rolly Hastings Citizenship Award, the Jessica Lee English Learner Award, and the Manawale’a Upstanding Student Athlete Award.  Cords and Medals awarded during this event will be given to students during R&R days on June 8-9.




    • AVID Members
    • WEB Members
    • Student Cabinet Members
    • National Junior Honor Society Members
    • Perfect Attendance Winners
    • Exceptional Growth Winners
    • Outstanding AVID Member
    • Outstanding WEB Member
    • Outstanding Student Cabinet Member
    • Department Awards 
    • Academic Excellence (4.00 - 4.49)
    • Honor Roll (4.50-4.99)
    • Valedictorian (5.0)


    8th Grade Virtual Promotion Ceremony

    Date:  Friday, June 5th 

    Time:  Video link posted at 6pm

    Event details:  For this pre-recorded ceremony, we will replicate our traditional promotion ceremony including flag salute, principal’s welcome, student speeches, special awards recognition, and the presentation of students featuring a slide for each member of the 8th grade class.  Your student will be assigned a form to fill out where they are able to share how they want their name presented (and in which font).  They also have an opportunity on this form to upload a picture for their slide (we will use their yearbook picture otherwise), and to share a favorite or funny quote.


    8th Grade "Other"

    Gowns -- Though we are not holding a traditional graduation ceremony and therefore did not purchase gowns, some of you have inquired if you can purchase gowns on your own for your own photo ops.  You may purchase gowns directly from the vendor we usually use to be sent to your home.  We usually order from Graduation Source and order the Middle School, Gown Only, Matte, Maroon.  Here is a link: Graduation Source Gowns


    Donations -- If you would like to donate to the 8th grade souvenir, you may either drop of a check/money in our drop box in the library on Wednesdays between 10am and 2pm, or you may donate to our CMS PTSA PayPal at this link: paypal.me/columbiamiddleptsa. (Just make sure to select “ Send to Friends and Family” so there is no fee).  Please keep scrolling for all information!



    Zoom “Clubs”

    If your students are looking for some opportunities to connect with other students and have some fun, we are offering a few Zoom Clubs:


    • Kahoot! and More!  Join Mr. Gonzales at 4:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to play Kahoot! Play with the same Kahoot! Nickname to collect points for end of year goodie bags. We will connect on zoom to play -->  https://zoom.us/j/9106992981 Password: 116738


    • Columbia Cooks!  Join Mr. Weinstock in the kitchen while he cooks up some simple, delicious, and nutritious meals! In this club, we will learn how to prepare, cook, and enjoy some traditional favorites as well as some innovative dishes. Please bring some food-related questions, ideas, and most importantly, an appetite!


    •  Magic the Gathering Club!  Join Mr. Salazar and Mr. Poo to play Magic the Gathering!

    Day/Time:  Fridays 3:30pm - 5:30pm

    Meeting ID: 833 7320 0078.    Password: 2SUsES





    Resource Pages

    We have created a CMS site-specific reference page for parents on our website that includes FAQs, How-To Videos, Grade Level Schedules, all in one place.  We will continue to add to this page.  The district has also developed a flexible learning page with general resources such as “Self-Care and Social-Emotional Learning for Families” and “Technology Troubleshooting”.  Here are the links to both pages:


    Child Nutrition: Ongoing

      • A huge thank you to our Food Services Department who continue to serve breakfast/lunch to all students under 18 years.
      • Monday – Friday



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