• Student learning is our primary focus. Children need to be challenged and supported to do their best in learning. To accomplish this, we offer an academically rigorous curriculum delivered by a caring, supportive, and attentive instructional team. Therefore, we can expect our children to achieve high levels of learning achievement.

    Our school offers an enriched curriculum, including music, art, living history, and hands-on science. We incorporate project-based learning and integrate state-of-the-art technology into our teaching methods. We select our core textbooks and materials based on our student learning goals for specific subjects, and our teachers differentiate instructional methods based on individual students’ needs, providing extra help for some and enhanced activities for others.

    English Language Arts

    Sunnyvale School District is dedicated to ensuring that every student becomes fully literate. Our literacy program is designed to engage students in rigorous and targeted instruction and foster their development as lifelong readers and writers. Through purposeful and authentic reading and writing experiences, students are encouraged to explore diverse texts, collaborate with peers, and make meaningful connections to the world around them. We believe in providing opportunities for student choice and interaction to cultivate a love for literacy in all learners.

    Our English Language Arts (ELA) program emphasizes four essential components: 1) a robust literature, language, and writing curriculum; 2) developing decoding skills for fluent reading; 3) continuous diagnosis and assessment to track progress; and 4) early intervention for students who require additional support to meet reading benchmarks. By nurturing fluency, comprehension, critical thinking, and effective communication skills, we empower students to navigate complex information and technology responsibly. Cherry Chase Elementary is committed to fostering literate, confident, and creative individuals prepared for success in an ever-evolving world.

    SSD Core Programs: 

    Fountas & Pinnell Classroom - Heinemann (TK-5)

    Fountas & Pinnell Classroom (FPC) offers a comprehensive literacy program for PreK–6th grade students. It encompasses various learning formats such as interactive read-alouds, mini-lessons, shared reading, phonics lessons, guided reading, book clubs, and independent reading. With authentic texts and professional resources, FPC provides a systematic and transformative approach to literacy instruction.

    SSD Core Supplemental Materials:

    Heggerty Phonemic Awareness (TK)

    The Heggerty Phonemic Awareness curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) integrates with our existing literacy program (FPC). Students develop crucial phonological awareness skills through consistent daily instruction, including rhyme, initial phoneme isolation, blending, segmenting words, and final phoneme isolation. Lessons feature explicit language and activity directions, supported by teacher modeling and hand motions, fostering effective learning in young learners.

    Really Great Reading (K-2)

    Really Great Reading provides assessments, grouping, and lessons to strengthen reading skills, promoting fluency and comprehension. Interactive, explicit, structured, and multisensory instruction ensures enjoyable learning. Students practice natural reading habits, enhancing accuracy and employing strategies for unfamiliar words. Lessons like Launchpad, Countdown, Blast, and HD Word explicitly teach phonemic awareness, phonics, and word attack skills, fostering accurate reading and improved comprehension. These research-based, multisensory lessons are highly effective and adaptable for educators of all backgrounds.

    Handwriting Without Tears (K-1) 

    Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) provides a research-backed curriculum from pre-K to 5th grade, emphasizing explicit instruction and multisensory learning. Its student editions promote success through a clear, intuitive design, fostering vocabulary, fine motor skills, and alphabet knowledge before letter writing.

    Writer’s Workshop (K-5)

    The Writer's Workshop curriculum nurtures young writers from Kindergarten to fifth grade. Students begin by learning workshop routines and embracing their identities as writers. Each grade level focuses on different writing genres, including narrative, informational, opinion, and persuasive writing. Units are designed to build upon previous skills, incorporating engaging activities, mentor texts, and real-world applications. With a clear instructional arc spanning five to six weeks per unit, students develop proficiency in crafting stories, conducting research, and constructing persuasive arguments. Proven tools and methods ensure high-quality instruction, setting achievable goals for student success in the curriculum.

    CCE Blended Learning Platforms for Literacy: 

    Lexia (K-5)

    Lexia Core5 Reading, grounded in the science of reading, accelerates literacy development for students of all abilities, facilitating the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. It offers equitable learning opportunities through personalized, explicit, and systematic instruction. Core5's blended learning adaptive model supports differentiated instruction, ensuring all students receive the necessary support to meet grade-level standards and thrive.


    At Cherry Chase Elementary, our mathematics curriculum fosters deep comprehension, problem-solving abilities, and computational proficiency. Aligned with the Sunnyvale School District's mission, we cultivate students' curiosity and joy in mathematics through engaging learning experiences. Our approach emphasizes a blend of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and real-world relevance. Through rigorous instruction, students develop critical thinking, effective collaboration, and articulate mathematical reasoning. We prioritize inclusivity, providing support for diverse learners to thrive.

    Teachers tailor instruction based on ongoing assessment data, ensuring personalized learning experiences. Students are encouraged to tackle rich problem-solving tasks, build conceptual depth, engage in meaningful discourse, and develop fluency through comprehension. We embrace the value of "productive struggle," fostering perseverance and resilience in mathematical learning.

    At Cherry Chase Elementary, we empower students to become confident mathematicians capable of applying their skills in navigating the world's complexities.

    SSD Core programs: 

    K-5 Illustrative Math (K-5) 

    IM Certified curricula prioritize student discourse and provide comprehensive programs emphasizing coherence, rigor, and mastery in mathematics. The problem-based IM K–5 Math curriculum fosters discussion and conceptual understanding while adhering to content and practice standards. With expert-authored materials, students engage in problem-solving and defending reasoning, supported by comprehensive lesson plans. Each activity and lesson follows a coherent mathematical story, promoting deeper understanding. Furthermore, the curriculum builds learning communities, fosters mathematical language development and connects students' experiences to mathematics for enhanced engagement and inclusivity.

    CCE Blended Learning Platforms for Mathematics: 

    Dreambox Math (K-2)

    DreamBox Math offers personalized, standards-aligned, K-8 math learning beyond typical instructional support software. It intelligently adapts to each student's needs, ensuring motivation and appropriate instruction. DreamBox tracks interactions, evaluates strategies, and adjusts lessons in real time. It provides actionable data for educators to understand student progress daily, empowering them to improve outcomes effectively.

    MAP Accelerator (Math 3-5) 

    MAP Accelerator, part of NWEA's Personalized Math Solution for grades 3–5, streamlines math instruction by integrating Clever class rosters and MAP Growth scores with Khan Academy content. It generates personalized learning pathways, easing differentiation for educators and providing tailored support for students at all levels. Flexible implementation supports various classroom strategies.

    Social Studies

    We believe that all students need a deep understanding of history, geography, and social institutions, matched with critical thinking, inquiry, and research skills. Our social studies program also helps students develop knowledge, cultural understanding, and democratic and civic values, which are critical for social participation. 

    SSD Core Programs:

    TCI History Alive! (K-5)

    Teachers’ Curriculum Institute (TCI) offers engaging K-5 social studies textbooks and seamlessly integrates ELA standards. Social Studies Alive! enhances language arts skills through reading and writing. Each unit includes an Inquiry Project for crafting an argument with evidence. Social Studies Stories explore diverse perspectives. Formative and summative assessments, including creative assignments and customizable tests, are integrated into lessons. Various reading tools and strategies support all students with tailored lesson adjustments for different learning needs.


    Our science program aims to help students learn science so that they can enjoy and understand their planet. Some concepts are best learned through reading and writing, while others are best learned through exploration. Above all, we want students to enjoy learning science in ways that enrich their lives and help them be stewards of the Earth.

    SSD Core Programs:

    Mystery Science: Earth Science (K-5)

    Mystery Science, a standards-aligned K-5 curriculum, fosters scientific thinking through hands-on activities. Mystery Guides lead engaging, inquiry-based lessons that allow students to explore natural phenomena using everyday items. The program's interactive videos and discussions spark curiosity, while its NGSS alignment ensures comprehensive coverage of science standards. Available in English and Spanish, Mystery Science inspires students to stay curious and supports educators in making science enjoyable and accessible.


    Our arts program is carefully planned to support and enhance the district’s academic goals and incorporate the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards. 

    All K-5 students participate in 18 weeks of arts instruction in dance, drama, and music provided by Starting Arts, a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and preserve quality arts education in public schools. Since 2001, Starting Arts has partnered with school communities and districts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students’ classroom teachers also attend the art lessons to support the instruction and develop their own art skills and experience. 

    Social Emotional Learning (SEL)  

    At Cherry Chase Elementary, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the cornerstone of our educational approach, enriching every dimension of our students' growth. Through rigorous and meaningful curriculum and instruction, we equip our students with vital life skills beyond academic knowledge. They learn to navigate their emotions, forge healthy relationships, and make sound decisions. This foundation fosters personal success and contributes to a supportive, inclusive school culture.

    SSD Core Programs: 

    Second Step (TK-5) 

    Second Step provides comprehensive, research-based social-emotional learning (SEL) programs for all ages, nurturing skills such as relationship-building and goal-setting. Its universal, Tier 1 SEL curriculum, the Second Step Elementary digital program, seamlessly integrates into various learning environments. Second Step fosters a vibrant school culture supported by professional development, ensuring widespread access and continuous improvement through its digital platform.

    SSD SEL for Families