Welcome to 5th Grade!

  • Room 19 News


    Room 19 News

    Dear Families,

    Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous break and enjoyed all of the wet weather!  We had a relatively uneventful break until December 31.  We got stuck in flood waters in Wilton on our way to our relatives’ house.  Luckily my SUV was able to push through and we made it safely, though we passed several floating vehicles on our way!  


    The stormy weather is supposed to continue all week long, so we will be indoors for before school, morning, and lunch recesses.  Our school also has a plan for if the power goes out and we will not send students home in the event that happens.  Please drive carefully and stay safe during the storms.


    Holiday Waste Drive

    Cherry Chase’s Zero Waste team is hosting a Holiday Waste drive! Americans produce 43% more waste during the annual holiday season.  With this waste drive, we aim to help our community maximize the amount of waste we divert from the landfill.


    Cherry Chase will be collecting used cardboard boxes and used bubble wrap.  The cardboard boxes will be donated to Goodwill and the bubble wrap will be going to SCRAP- a non-profit creative reuse center.


    There will be two designated places to drop the donations outside Room 32 (Fun Zone). We will be collecting all next week December 19th-23rd and during the week we return from winter break Monday, January 9th- Wednesday, January 11th.

    Have a wonderful week!

     -- Mrs. Fitz ⛄

    What We’re Learning

    • Math: Reviewing Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

    • Reading:  Analyzing and Evaluating Writer Choices

    • Social Studies: Examining the Three Colonial Regions

    • Writing: “Word of the Year” Project

    • Lifelong Learning: Reviewing classroom expectations


    Coming Up…


    • Teacher Learning Day (12:45 dismissal): January 10

    • Math Milestone Task (unit assessment): January 13  

    • Martin Luther King, Jr Day (No School): January 16

    • Staff Development Day (No School): January 17

    • Citizen of the Month - Perseverance: January 27

    • Winter Break (No School): February 20 - 24

    • End of Trimester 2: March 3