What is Family Engagement?

  • Family Engagement is a shared responsibility among families, schools, and communities in which schools and community organizations are committed to reaching out to engage families in meaningful ways and families are committed to actively supporting their children's learning and development.  We value the influence of family on a child's well-being and are committed to all families being informed and engaged as powerful advocates for their children. 


    Family Engagement at Cherry Chase

    One of the 41 Developmental Assets identified as a building block of healthy development of young people is "Parent Involvement in Schooling."  When children see that their families are involved in their education, they know that there are people who support them and will help them succeed.  We encourage our families to become engaged in school in the following ways:
    • Become a Noon Duty Aide!  Noon Duty Aides help supervise students on the playground and in the cafeteria during lunch.  This paid position allows families to support a positive environment at school.
    • Become a volunteer!  There are many ways you can volunteer at Cherry Chase.  Here are a few examples:
      • Preparing materials for the teacher (before, during, or after school)
      • Building bulletin boards (before, during, or after school)
      • Assist with classroom projects (during school)
      • Help in the school or classroom gardens (before, during, or after school)
      • Become a kindergarten lunch assistant
      • Become a photocopy helper
      • Become a FAME docent
      • Become an ABC reader
      • Drive students and be a chaperone for a field trip
      • Become a FUN Zone volunteer
    • Join the PTA!  The PTA runs many of the volunteer programs listed above as well as special events such as the Fun Run, Science Night, the Diwali Festival, Walk-A-Thon, International Night, and more!
    • Ask your child about school and provide support as needed.  Try asking your child questions such as:
      • "What was your favorite activity at school today?"
      • "What was most challenging about your day?"
      • "Who did you play with today during recess, and what did you play?"