• UPP Frequently Asked Questions




    How is UPP different from the non-UPP CMS courses? 

    UPP began in 2013 with just two 6th grade classes for a total of 60 students.  The purpose of UPP was to create a “lab of innovation” where research-based curriculum and best practices could be developed with the support and expertise from STEP experts.  These ”labs” would act as model classrooms, focusing on Social-Emotional Learning, Technology Integration,  Inquiry-Based Instruction, with the goal of these practices spreading throughout CMS. 

    We have reached the goal of replicating these best practices, and UPP will now be implemented school-wide, beginning in 2019-2020 with the entire 6th grade class!


    Does my student take all of their classes within UPP? 

    Students will take English, math, social studies, and science with the same cohort of students and teachers.  Students will take physical education and elective courses with a larger pool of the CMS population. 

    In grade six, students have two main  teachers: 

    1. Science – Teacher A 

    2. Math – Teacher A 

    3. Math/ELA (rotating every other day with Teacher A/B) 

    4. English Language Arts – Teacher B*

    5. Social Studies – Teacher B 

    6. PE/Electives – Teacher C/D 



    In grades seven and eight, students have four teachers in common -- Teacher A, B, C, and D: 

    1. Math -- Teacher A 

    2. Science – Teacher B 

    3. Social Studies – Teacher C 

    4. English – Teacher D 

    5. PE – Teacher E 

    6. Elective – Teacher F 


    Does being in UPP prevent my student from taking advanced classes or participating in CMS activities? 

    UPP students are CMS students, and have full access to all advanced courses, electives, activities, and athletics that all CMS students enjoy. 


    How does my student apply for UPP? 

    If you are a current 5th grader and your home school is CMS, you do not need to apply for UPP as all 6th grade classes are part of UPP,.  If your home school is SMS, you must fill out and submit an Open Enrollment form to either your current school or the District Office by the Open Enrollment deadline of February 11, 2022. You will be notified by the end of March if your student was accepted, denied, or waitlisted. (There are no prerequisites for admission; acceptance is contingent on space limitations.) Aside from submitting an application, there are no other requirements for participation. Once a student is admitted to UPP, he/she does not need to reapply each year.