Open Enrollment

  • Open Enrollment is a request to transfer from your school of residence (a.k.a. your “neighborhood school” or your “home school”) to a Program of Choice or another school within the Sunnyvale School District. Open Enrollment is one of the ways the Sunnyvale School District aims to meet the diverse needs and interests of its students.

    Open Enrollment is not necessary for students who are registered for and wish to attend their home school.

    **The exception is that ALL TK students who wish to participate in our Juntos Program must go through open enrollment, even if San Miguel is your neighborhood school.**

    Open Enrollment Requirements

    • All students must live in the Sunnyvale School District.
    • All students must have completed address verification and registration at their home school for the grade they will be attending in the upcoming school year.

    Open Enrollment Process

    • Open Enrollment takes place during the first 10 school days in February. 
    • To request a transfer to a Program of Choice or district school other than your neighborhood school, fill out an “Open Enrollment Request” form available at the schools, district office, or here.
    • Have your Open Enrollment Request signed by your school of residence.
    • After your home school signs your Open Enrollment Request, please submit your form to the Sunnyvale School District office, 819 W. Iowa Avenue, Sunnyvale. All Open Enrollment forms must be completed within the first 10 days of February.
    • Before mid-April, the district will hold a drawing to assign a lottery number to each student participating in Open Enrollment. This drawing will assign lottery numbers only; it will not determine placement.
    • Transfers are based on available space in the grade and school you are requesting. Students have first priority at their home schools; then transfers for available openings are filled in lottery order. 
    • Parents/guardians applying for a change of school will be notified as soon as practical, but notification may be as late as August.
    • Once school has started in August, students previously placed on a waiting list to transfer to another school will not be moved; they will attend their home school.

    Important Notes About Open Enrollment

    • Open enrollment does not guarantee placement; open enrollment is a random, unbiased selection process that identifies, if available, space for transfer students after resident students are placed.
    • Previously approved Open Enrollment transfers need not reapply yearly.
    • Transportation is not provided for students who transfer from their neighborhood schools.
    • Poor attendance, which is considered to be six or more tardies or 10 or more unexcused absences, can result in cancellation of your Open Enrollment transfer.
    • If your transfer is denied due to space, you may reapply again next year.
    • All Sunnyvale School District Schools are available for Open Enrollment; however, there is very little availability at Cherry Chase, Cumberland, Ellis and Sunnyvale Middle.