• Daily Bell Schedule for 2017-2018; note changes to grade level time slots for lunch

    We are continuing with our Recess before Lunch model, and we are changing the times that grade levels eat their lunches. See the bell schedule below for details.  At lunch time, students will be released to play first during their lunch time.  When the lunch bell rings, students will line up and enter the cafeteria for their lunch before returning to their classrooms for the afternoon.

    We found that this schedule had the following benefits:

    • Students play more when they are not playing with a full stomach
    • Students are ready to eat when they enter the cafeteria
    • Students waste less food during lunch because they are not hurrying to get outside for recess
    • Students are calmer in the cafeteria
    • There are fewer conflicts that need to be resolved after the end of the lunch period
    • There are fewer students coming to the office during the lunch period for injuries or conflict resolution


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