English Language Arts (ELA)

  • CMS has adopted the Amplify curriculum for all grade levels for the 2023-2024 SY! Please see the broad overview below!

    Grade 6:

    Trimester 1:

    Reading Focus: Observe how an author creates a character.
    Writing Focus: Focus on a moment in the text and develop a unique perspective about it.

    Trimester 2

    Reading Focus: Assess the credibility of evidence used to support conclusions.
    Writing Focus: Explain which trait is most useful to problem-solving investigators!

    Reading Focus: Identify and compare various authors’ purposes and perspectives.
    Writing Focus: Synthesize information from several sources to develop an argument.

    Trimester 3

    Reading Focus: Analyze the connections between symbols, characters, and themes in mythology.
    Writing Focus: Write about the development of a shared theme in two texts.

    Reading Focus: Trace a character’s arc from the beginning of a novel to the end.
    Writing Focus: Analyze how character traits assist a heroic character on their journey.

    Grade 7:

    Trimester 1

    Reading Focus: Analyze a character’s unconscious motivations.
    Writing Focus: Make thematic connections across genres.

    Trimester 2

    Reading Focus: Synthesize information from multiple texts to develop understanding of a topic.
    Writing Focus: Describe facts, explain concepts, and convince the reader of an opinion.

    Trimester 3

    Reading Focus: Evaluate the reliability of a fictional narrator.
    Writing Focus: Compare and contrast characters’ perspectives on a narrative.

    Grade 8

    Trimester 1

    Reading Focus: Notice the impact of an author’s craft and structure.
    Writing Focus: Write a narrative about a childhood memory.

    Trimester 2

    Reading Focus: Apply abstract concepts to an author’s portrayal of a character.
    Writing Focus: Argue opposing claims about a character and resolve the contradiction.

    Trimester 3

    Reading Focus: Connect characters’ development to a conceptual framework.
    Writing Focus: Choose between contradictory positions and argue with evidence.

    ELD 1 & 2

    ELD 1: Get Ready! & Get Reading!

    Get Ready! is a comprehensive standards-based program developed to address the unique needs of middle school newcomer/beginner English learners. This multi-level program engages students with age-appropriate, motivating communicative presentations, as well as literary and informational lessons in language arts, science, social studies, math, music, art, and other content areas.

    Get Reading! is a Leveled Reading Library that is used to accompany Get Ready! It’s specifically designed to support the EL program.

    ELD 2: Bridges

    Bridges is a comprehensive literacy program for middle school English learners and striving readers. This powerful print and digital solution develops academic language and literacy skills through authentic texts and content-driven lessons, while addressing the proficiency needs of every student.

    EL Support

    EL Support offers Long Term English Language Learners (LTELs) the opportunity to continue their path toward mastering the English Language. The course is designed to help LTELs accelerate English Language proficiency and develop academic language skills they will need to be successful in school and in life.