• The California State Science Standards provide a framework for the content of each grade-level course. Through “hands-on” activities, students learn to conduct scientific investigations, think scientifically, and use scientific tools and technologies.  Students learn to communicate scientific information and processes. In science, students are also taught and practice literacy skills including pre-reading, marking text, various writing strategies, and the use of academic language.

    We are in the process of transitioning to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) where Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science and Engineering Concepts are integrated at each grade level.  Within each grade level, the NGSS "Crosscutting Concepts" (Patterns, Cause/Effect, Scale/Proportion/Quantity, Systems and System Models, Energy/Matter, Structure/Function, and Stability/Change) will be reinforced.

    6TH GRADE SCIENCE: In sixth-grade science at Columbia Middle School, students will study Engineering Design, Weather and Climate (including Climate Change), Cells, Structure and Function, Reproduction, Inheritance, and Adaption.

    7TH GRADE SCIENCE: In seventh-grade science at Columbia Middle School, students will study Earth's Energy and Matter, Matter Cycles and Energy Flows through Living and Non-Living Components in Ecosystems, and the Chemistry of Matter and Energy.

    8TH GRADE PHYSICAL SCIENCE: In eighth-grade science at Columbia Middle School, students will study Evolution, Forces and Motion, Waves, and the solar system.


    Family Life Education has been taught in the Sunnyvale School District since 1967. Since that date, the curriculum and materials have been revised and updated as needed.

    In all grade levels where Family Life Education is taught (grades 4-8), teachers use suggested materials that have been approved by the Board of Education. Parents have an annual opportunity to review the suggested materials. Teachers may use additional materials covering the same content that have been adapted to increase student accessibility. Parents have the right to ask in writing that their child be excluded from the Family Life Education curriculum.

    For additional information regarding the Family Life curriculum, please contact your student’s science teacher.