Physical Education

  • The P.E. department is focused on developing physical fitness and motor skills from 6th through 8th grade.  Health and Movement Concept standards are intertwined with our sport units to ensure the students are physically and emotionally healthy.

    Physical Education is an essential part of the total education process. Students participate in team sports, individual sports, aquatics, and rhythmic activities. Students will also have homework assignments. Physical Education experience provides opportunities for continuous development of each student's physical, mental, social, and emotional growth and development. Physical Education at Columbia Middle School is varied and challenging. Students participate in team sports, individual sports, aquatics, and rhythmic activities.

    Physical Education experience offers:

    1. Awareness and development of one's own fitness
    2. Skill development in various movement activities
    3. An interest in and appreciation of games and activities
    4. Skills for lifelong participation in a variety of recreational activities
    5. A chance for fun


    Every student will participate in a swim unit during the school year. Students will be expected to swim every day in the unit. The pool is kept between 78 and 82 degrees. Many days the pool water is warmer than the temperature outside. Children cannot get sick or catch a cold just from swimming. Non-swimmers and beginners will stay in the shallow end of the pool.

    Missed swim days will need to be made up at the end of the unit just like missed class work. Students must bring a note excusing them from swimming for the day. The note must have the date, reason for the non-swim, parent’s signature, and a parent’s contact number.

    Students will need to take their wet swimsuits and towels home each day after class. Wet items become moldy and unpleasant smelling after a day in a locker. Please help your child to remember to bring the swim items back on the next PE day.

    Physical Fitness Testing

    The State of California mandates a fitness test for seventh-grade students called the FITNESSGRAM. The FITNESSGRAM consists of a variety of tests used to measure a student's aerobic capacity and muscular strength.

    Sixth and eighth grades are also assessed using FITNESSGRAM. Physical and social development is varied during the middle school years. By assessing fitness levels each year, students are provided with tangible feedback in regard to how their fitness levels change. With these results, students can begin to understand their personal movement and exercise needs and begin to make health and fitness decisions for themselves.

    Physical Education Clothing

    Proper Physical Education attire should be worn for activities in Physical Education classes at Columbia Middle School for the following reasons:

    • Less wear and tear on regular school clothing.
    • A loose uniform provides freedom of movement.
    • Safety factors – no zippers, buttons, or snaps.
    • Greater personal hygiene.
    • Alleviates issues of difference and equity in the classroom.
    • Teaches students responsibility

    The Physical Education uniform consists of these required items:

    • Grey T-shirt, labeled with your name
    • Burgundy or black shorts, labeled with your name.
    • All uniforms must be clearly marked with the student’s first and last name in BLACK INK ONLY. No other marks or colors are allowed on the uniforms. Permanent pens are available from the Physical Education department to mark clothing.
    • Athletic shoes and socks
    • Athletic shoes must have a flat, rubber sole. (No slip-on, heel, or platform shoes allowed.)
    • A Physical Education combination lock will be issued to each student. If a student loses a lock they will be charged $5.00 to replace it. The Physical Education department is not responsible for articles stolen in the locker room.

    Optional Items: Sweatshirt and sweatpants (Sweat clothes are highly recommended for cold weather months.) Sweatpants must be plain black with no pockets. Sweatshirts must be burgundy with no zippers or buttons. Nylon or tear-away pants are not allowed.

    Students are not required to purchase CMS clothing and may purchase items of the appropriate solid color at local stores. If any student cannot provide the required uniform, one will be provided to him/her.

    Suiting up Policy

    All students are to wear the required uniform each day. A student without a uniform may be issued a "loaner" uniform for that class period and his/her grade will be affected. A replacement uniform may be purchased through the instructor at any time.

    • A grey shirt must be worn to class.
    • Shorts must be worn at waist level (no sagging).
    • Swim Unit - Bring a swimsuit and towel. Shower facilities are provided. · Sharing PE clothes is not allowed.
    • No other clothes are to be worn under the PE uniform, although families may substitute identical colored items for CMS Logo items if they wish. Students will be asked to remove any clothing under the uniform aside from underclothing.

    Locker Room

    A locker will be assigned to each student for the year. Your physical education clothes, street clothes, and backpack should be locked at all times. No valuable or irreplaceable items should ever be brought to the physical education area.


    • Only physical education clothing and PE items are kept in lockers.
    • No glass, gum, or food in the locker room.
    • No student may be in the locker room except during their PE period.


    • Take the uniform home on Fridays to be washed.
    • Keep the locker combination to yourself.
    • Report a lost lock to your instructor.
    • Opened to all students 10 minutes after school · Closed at lunch and brunch

    Behavior Expectations in PE

    The CMS Physical Education Department has high expectations for safe and appropriate behavior. All school rules apply to the physical education facilities.

    In addition:

    • No climbing on fences, backstops, lockers
    • No glass, gum, or food in the locker room
    • No food, gum, or drink in PE facilities (including outside)

    Admit Slips and Illness Notes

    Students will be excused from activities that would aggravate an illness or injury. If a student is not feeling well at school, he/she MUST check in with his/her Physical Education instructor at the beginning of the class period. The instructor may refer the student to the health technician.

    After School Sports

    Non-participation in PE for the day means you do not practice or play in a game for your after-school sport. An excuse for PE excuses you from all campus sports for the day.

    Medical Excuses

    Three school days or less

    Students may be excused from PE for medical reasons with a written excuse from a parent or guardian for 3 schooldays or less. The note must be signed, dated, and have a phone number where the parent can be reached if the instructor has any questions. The note should contain the nature of the injury. It is expected that the student will suit up and the instructor will modify the student's activities. Instructors will use their discretion when it comes to excessive notes by a single student and will require physician’s notes from that point on.

    More than three school days

    A written doctor's excuse is required for a medical excuse lasting longer than 3 days. This note should be given to the Physical Education instructor and will be put on file. You will be expected to make up any missed classwork.

    Menstrual excuses

    Girls are expected to dress in uniform during this time. Girls are able to take part in the regular program and physical activity may alleviate cramps. During the swim unit, the girl must bring a note (note requirements stated above) excusing them for up to 3 consecutive days.

    Missed class work

    If the student is absent or excused from Physical Education they must make up any class work that they missed. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what they missed. All missed work must be made up. Fitness and mile runs are made up on Wednesday mornings before school. Check with your teacher to find out when you should report to school to make up a run.